Joker’s Wild

Joker’s Wild Information Sheet

The draw will be held fortnightly at 6.30pm.
Tickets may be purchased until 6.00pm on the night of the draw.
Tickets are R10.00 per line and sold on sheets of 21 lines.

When a complete sheet is sold the Seller will receive ticket #21 free of charge.
Complete sheets with R200 per sheet to be returned for entry into the current draw.
Tickets can be purchased at the club bar from Kelvin and members who are filling sheets.

The draw will be by done using numbered marbles in a bag.
The first drawn number will determine the sheet number and a second draw the line number on the drawn sheet.

Should the holder of the ticket number drawn be present then they will receive a full
sheet for the next draw free of charge. (21 lines)
The drawn ticket holder will then choose from the available hidden cards on display.

Should the holder of the ticket number drawn NOT be present, they will be contacted on the cell number provided, to select an available card from the display.
They will be phoned once only to select an envelope – if there is no reply, the ticket holder will be given the next available envelope from the top line.
This will be opened on their behalf by a committee member / club member, and they will be notified of the result.

If the Joker is found the winner will receive the full jackpot as advertised for that draw.
If the Joker is not found the card chosen will be re-pinned to the display, face up.
The jackpot will roll-over to the next draw date.

Payment of a winning Joker’s wild card will be made to the winner via Bank EFT.
The remainder of the money from a draw will be split 50% to the Joker pot and 50% to Constantia Bowling Club

NB: The organisers of the Jokers Wild draw will NOT be able to select their own ticket.
Anyone attending the draw may be elected to draw a number on their behalf.

Call Mike on 082 800 2351 or Dave on 082 779 1606